Nick knows what it takes to make profitable real estate deals – anything from a one-time single family transaction to a commercial real estate investment that's going to generate years of passive income. The founder of several national real estate acquisition, joint venture, and education companies, a big part of his focus is helping other real estate investors succeed. He has mentored and partnered with hundreds of people, both beginners trying to break into real estate and seasoned pros looking to break through to scale and grow their own business.

Nick didn't just read about this stuff somewhere, or take some training classes. He's been living and breathing real estate for almost 20 years and has closed over 1000 transactions. Residential and commercial development, house flipping, wholesaling, creative financing – you name it, he's probably done it. Along the way, he's acquired an impressive toolbox of strategies, tactics, and software that he offers to real estate investors to give them a competitive edge.

When Nick started down his own entrepreneurial path, he didn't have much in the way of resources or advantages. He bootstrapped his first small business two months after graduating high school and never looked back. What he did have plenty of was business savvy, perseverance, and the ability to quickly learn and adapt what he was doing to maximize success.

Obsessed with real estate, he learned everything he could about it and went to work for a home builder to complete his education. After a few years, he went into business for himself doing the whole gamut of home construction and renovation and then founding his own custom home building company. He knew he was hooked on real estate investing from his first deal at 21 and that's been his passion ever since.

Nick has learned an incredible amount from his experience. He's grateful he's achieved the self-made real estate success story and financially independent lifestyle that he always knew he was destined for. His only regret is that he wasn't fortunate enough to have a partner to guide him early on – someone with extensive knowledge and proven tools. Now he's eager to be that partner, because there are other types of rewards, besides financial ones, that come with helping others to succeed.


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